Meet our community

We’re thrilled to be established as a thriving community wellness center and functional growing space, and to be doing the valuable work we’ve been doing to promote health, wellness, and community engagement here at the Depot District.


However, we know that we can only improve in our outreach, and there are many of our community members who haven’t stopped by yet or taken part in any of our workshops or events.


If you’re curious about what we do here at the Depot District and want to get to know us better, here’s a brief introduction to each of our founding member organizations!


Integrity Yoga Studio

Integrity Yoga Studio is the brainchild of lifelong yogi Kirstie Grant, who has been practicing and teaching in the Boston area for close to three decades now. The space features brand new hardwood floors that are perfect for mat grips, full-wall mirrors to help you move with symmetry and infrared heating panels for “hot” yoga classes, which are offered in addition to Integrity’s normal offerings. Integrity Yoga Studio offers sliding scale prices for many classes, including those with infrared heat. There are also discounted yoga mats and towels available for purchase onsite. At Integrity Yoga, all the teachers believe that the journey of the yogi is to discover one’s authentic self, and to breathe move and ultimately live with deep inner Integrity. Classes hold up to 30 practitioners, and spots may be reserved in advance using the PunchPass app.


Righteous Reiki


Righteous Reiki is our onsite healing practice, started by Andrea Lawson, who chairs Partners For Peace. Reiki healing sessions are available by appointment, with multiple forms of payment offered, and sliding scale pricing available. Trainings are also offered for people wishing to begin their own reiki practice. Pet-friendly, and all ages and ailments are welcome!


A Healer’s Touch

A Healer’s Touch is the herbalism center here at the Depot District. It consists of a greenhouse, indoor workshop, and retail apothecary. A Healer’s Touch offers herb plants, seeds, and both dried products and extracts for use in healing teas or herbal treatment. Workshops are offered regularly, and volunteers are always welcome to help Jan tend the gardens. A Healer’s Touch also stocks a multitude of organic, hybrid and heirloom seeds, as well as a selection of helpful books and compost/fertilizer products every growing season, so you never have to travel elsewhere for your growing needs!


The Multipurpose Space

The Multipurpose Space is just that: multi-purposed! It’s a large ballroom-style space that was part of the former factory floor in the Depot District. You’ll find massage sessions, acupuncture offerings, and traditional music concerts, as well as potluck community dinners during solstices and other special times of the year. Come visit us to see what’s on the calendar for the near future!


What else you should see:
In keeping with our mission, we’ve tried to maximize our use of this beautiful space, to provide the most impact for our environmental and social values! That’s why the inner courtyard hosts a community garden with raised beds available for annual adoption, and that’s also why you’ll see solar panels along the rooftops of the Depot District! Take a look around the next time you’re in the area! There’s lots to see and do.

Juicing Workshop: learn all you need to know about the best juicers, juice recipes, and tips for first-timers

Jan Spurring, one of the staff in the Healer’s Touch nursery, will be leading a juicing workshop on the first Friday of next month at 4:00 in the Multipurpose Space. Jan has been juicing for nearly 25 years, and he has a vast personal knowledge of recipes, techniques, and juicing machinery.

There will be demonstrations, and we will be experimenting with lots of different flavors, colors and textures. Learn more about how to create juices with wide nutritional profiles, and how to use your own garden produce as well as store-bought fruits, vegetables, and greens.


Jan will share the latest nutritional research regarding juicing for health and wellness, and discuss many of the ways in which juicing allows the body to unlock vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients that can be hard for our system to digest otherwise.


We will also have some taste tests to try out adding less toothsome ingredients like kale and collard greens to create even healthier juice mixtures which still taste refreshing and delicious. Jan is especially good at finding new and exciting juice combos with bold ingredients like ginger, parsnips, and other lesser-appreciated produce.

Bring your questions, and participants are welcome at any level. New juicers will learn about how to decide which juicer to buy, and folks who already juice regularly will get inspiration to take their journey further and try new things at the juice bar. Jan will also discuss what to do with excess pulp from your juices, and how to get the most juice out of each type of produce.


Jan would like to encourage any participants who already own a juicer to bring theirs along to participate in the juice making! If you don’t own a juicer yet, there will be plenty at the Depot District to give you your first experiences and there will also be tips on where you can find the best juicers online.


Sign up by emailing Jan, at, and be sure to let him know if you’ll be bringing a juicer, so we can be sure to have enough for everybody.

Cooking Class: Mastering the Art of Curry

A 3-part workshop over each Saturday of the upcoming month, limited space available. Sign up soon to reserve your spot!


About the class:


Mastering the Art of Curry is an exciting opportunity for you to deepen your culinary chops and experiment with Indian flavors in the kitchen.  Participants will make three different types of curry, with vegetarian options available in each class. After all 3 sessions, you’ll be equipped with your own custom spice mixes, and the training to experiment confidently with different vegetables, meats, and spices in your own curry creations!

We’ll be learning about how curry began, and how it differs from region to region across India! Each week, we’ll be cooking a different variation, and we’ll be eating our creations at the end of class.


We’ll also be making our own naan breads and Indian cheeses, thanks to our new oven facilities in the Multipurpose Space!


Do to the expensive nature of the special spices we’ll be using to cook with, and to cover the costs of running our impromptu kitchen, there is a suggested donation of $30 per participant for this class (though accommodations can certainly be made for those who wish to participate and can’t afford a donation).


Please note: Participants may be vegetarian and still benefit richly from the class, but Indian food is very dependent upon dairy products, so vegans may not want to join this workshop.


About the instructor:

Srinivas Jupna is originally from Delhi, India, and we’re thrilled to have him here teaching us the tricks of his trade! He runs an Indian catering company out of Boston, and he’s been a passionate supporter of our herbalism and yoga work since Depot District was founded. Srinivas is excited to bring his knowledge of many regional curry variations to class.
Don’t forget to stop in and check the calendar for more class offerings, like our upcoming juicing workshop!